The foundation of IoLiTec´s Special Chemistry divison in the middle of 2004 was the consequnce on an increasing demand for Ionic Liquids. This devision focuses on the production of high purity Ionic Liquids for different applications such as synthesis, catalysis, electrochemistry and many more.

Today our standard portfolio consists of approximately 250 different products with purities from 97% up to 99+% and will be extended continously within the next months. By far most of our products are based on the imidazolium-cation in combination with different anions such as triflate, tetrafluoroborate, thiocyanate or dicyanamide but we also have pyrrolidinium- and sulphonium-based Ionic Liquids in our portfolio [more…].

Besides Ionic Liquids we also supply useful precursors such as 1-Alkyl-imidazoles up to chain lenghts of 10 carbons, and anion-sources such as Li NTf2 and different triflic-acid derivatives to complete our portfolio and with respect to customer´s needs.

Based on our Ionic Liquid database with almost 600 entries we offer also consulting services. We invite our customers to discuss their applications with us in order to recommend the most suitable Ionic Liquid for their application. In terms of confidentiality we are always prepared to sign a NDA in advance.

In addition to our standard portfolio we are able to supply almost every patent-free Ionic Liquid that is know from literature or that predictably can be synthesized in a scale from 50 g to 10 kg in a custom synthesis [more…].

On request we offer conception, design and custom-synthesis of “tailor-made” Ionic Liquids. Our best quotation will be made within 24 hours.

Finally, in co-operation with our partners we also offer bulk quantities in valuated and established IOLI Lyte ® -quality on request.

If you need a quotation for one of our products contact us:

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More information about Ionic Liquids and their applications can be seen in the following movie: