Recent Highlights

Below you will find some new Additions to our ionic liquids portfolio. For further information please click the IL-number or contact our specialists via mail.



IL-0347 Betain BTA 

One of the best ILs in order to extract Rare Earth Metals  (REE) from different residues  (e.g. bauxite) and aqueous solutions.  The technology developed with our IL was awarded the 2019 Light Metals Subject Award. (


IL-0348 N2222 BF4 

A promising conducting salt for supercapacitors and also as electrolyte, in the form of acetonitrile solution, it offers a wide operational window and good solubility allowing for an energy density of up to 102 W.h/kg. (


IL-0349 N1123 BTA

Hydrophobic, low viscosity IL developed in one of our research projects used for the capture and in situ reduction of CO2 to methanol and formate. (


IL-0350 N2225 BTA

An IL where the cation and anion have almost the same self-diffusion coefficients and as such used to build the so-called ideal ionic liquid salt bridge, allowing for the determination of absolute pH of any compound in non-aqueous media.  (


Il-0351 Chol Hex

A surface active environmentally benign ionic liquid used for cell lysis, biopolymer extraction and drug delivery. (



A strongly Brønsted acidic protic ionic liquid, used for catalysis and as a  membrane additive for PEM fuel cells. Nafion membranes impregnated with this IL can achieve current densities of up to 217 mA/cm2 under anhydrous conditions at 25 °C.(



A more hydrophobic version of IL-0353 used for catalysis and in PEM fuel cells


IL-0355 N222 BTA

Very promising electrolyte for supercaps with non-carbon electrodes. A micro-supercapacitor running this IL showed good capacity retention for approx. 1 million cycles at voltages up to 4V. (