We develop Ionic Liquids (incl. blends and formulations) for the use

  • as the active principle in sensors (IoLiSens®-technology)
  • as thermofluids for heat transport and heat storage (IoLiTherm®-technology)
  • as electrolytes for the electrochemical deposition of metals (IoLiLyte®-technology)
  • as high-tech-aditives for cleaning processes and lubricants (IoLiTive®-technology)




As we know from multiple requests of our customers, it is sometimes difficult to get a complete overview, which Ionic Liquids are commercially available. We help our customers to find with our large data-base Ionic Liquids with physical and chemical properties fitted best to their application with respect to price and availibility.
Since one of our main-focuses is to determine as much physical and chemical properties of Ionic Liquids as possible, our database includes also non-published data of Ionic Liquids, which are not available at literature.



Our own production capacities currently ensure production of approx. 500 kg /quarter per substance. Should it be foreseeable that larger quantities will be needed for later use, we are in a position to accomplish the production of ionic liquids up to the technical scale with our cooperation partners.


Determination of physico-chemical properties 

With our analytical equipment, which is specifically designed for the analysis of ionic liquids, we are able to determine a variety of physico-chemical parameters of ionic liquids. Furthermore, we have the opportunity to determine very specific parameters via our broad cooperation network (numerous Fraunhofer Institutes and universities).



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