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25 March 2021
IOLITEC’s CEO has been appointed as honorary professor at the TU Clausthal.

Since 2012 Thomas Schubert lectures “Synthesis and industrial applications of ionic liquids” at the Technical U

11 December 2020
Electrolytes, membranes and electrode materials for water splitting and for the use in PEM-fuel cells

13 November 2020
Actual announcements about COVID-19: IOLITEC is in full operation

As many European countries also Germany records increased numbers of infections with COVID-19  (November 2020).

12 November 2020
Ionic Liquids based on the FSI-Anion are available now!

Numerous ionic liquids are based on the FSI-anion (= bis(fluorosulfonyl)imid-anion).

20 March 2020
Hydrophilic ionic liquids for extraction of nucleic acids such as RNA and DNA

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