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TÜV Süd sigel ISO_9001:2015   

Unser Qualitätsmanagementsystem am Standort Heilbronn und am Produktionsstandort in Schkopau ist zertifiziert nach ISO 9001:2015


21 July 2023
IOLITEC has increased its production capacity of N1444 TFSI (IL-0117) as an alternative to FC-4400
28 July 2022
Successful start to the AAcid research project

The AAcid research project, funded by the BMWK, deals

20 September 2021
CO2Oling the Earth Summer School

You're interested in sustainability with a focus on utilization of carbon dioxide and electrochemistry?

28 June 2021
New EU-Funded Projects @IOLITEC

15 June 2021
Is aluminum-ion technology on the verge of a breakthrough?


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