Heat Transfer Media / Thermal Fluids


Heat transfer media are of great importance for many industrial processes in which heat needs to be transported or transformed. The most important requirements for heat transfer media are:

  • low vapor pressure
  • high heat capacity
  • low viscosity
  • high thermal stability and
  • low corrosivity

Besides these technical requirements eco- and human toxicity as well as bio degradability are of great importance for many applications.

Due to their very low vapor pressure ionic liquids have been investigated as heat transfer media in the early 21st century. In a feasibility study on the application of ionic liquids as heat transfer media for solar thermal devices which was initiated by IOLITEC and financed by the DBU e.V. it was shown that ionic liquids can be applied to this application.

Currently the ability of ionic liquids as reaction media for the conversion of carbon dioxide and hydrogen to methane is under investigation in the project “Storage of Electric Energy from Regenerative Sources from the Natural Gas Grid – H2O Electrolysis and Synthesis of Gas Components” which is financed by the German Ministry of Education, Research and Science (BMBF).

CO2 (g) + 4 H2 (g) ->CH4 (g) + 2 H2O (g)          ΔRH0 = -165 kJ/mol

Heat Transfer Media for special Applications

Ionic liquids possess a couple of unique features that allow the development of new highly specialized applications. The combination of

  • very low vapor pressure
  • good heat capacity and
  • high thermal stability

allows the use of ionic liquids as heat transfer media at very low pressures or under vacuum. In addition thermal energy can be stored in an open system since the very low vapor pressure prevents the ionic liquid from cooling by means of evaporation as it is known for water.

Another intesting aspect is the existence of complete water soluble (“hydrophilic”) and water insoluble (“hydrophobic”) ionic liquids. This allows to combine the properties of other heat transfer media with those of the ionic liquids.

You will find our heat transfer media here. IOLITEC is very much interested in further developing our spectrum of applications for our heat transfer technology and we are looking for partners in this field.

If you are interested in our heat transfer products or the development of new applications, please contact us.

Text: Dr. Thomas J. S. Schubert, IOLITEC GmbH, 2011 (German Version; English Translation: Dr. Tom Beyersdorff, IOLITEC Inc.).

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