(A detailed report is included in the price.)


A. Determination of electrochemical parameters

a) Conductivity (Metrohm 712 Conductometer)

Price per measurement (data point): 25,- €

b) Cyclic voltammetry (Metrohm Autolab Potentiostat/Galvanostat) determination of electrochemical stabilities: oxidation- and reduction stability.

Price per measurement: 170,- €


c) Corrosion / electrochemical noise / Tafel-Analysis (Metrohm Autolab Potentiostat/Galvanostat)

Corrosion tests of substances under defined and reproducible conditions

Price per test: 200,- €


B. Ion-chromatography (Metrohm IC-System, modular assembly)

We offer qualitative and quantitative determination of cations and anions in aqueous media. Furthermore we develop methods for the analysis of new ions.

Price per measurement: 60,- € (cation or anion)

Price per method development: 600,- € (e.g. methods for  analysis of new cations and anions)


C. Determination of water contents, Karl-Fischer-Method (Metrohm 795 KFT- Titrino)

Quantitative determination of the water content by Karl-Fischer-Method.

Price per measurement: 25,- €


D. Determination of viscosity (Brookfield, DV-E viscosimeter, adapter for small samples)

Determination of viscosity, temperature range between 10°C and 70°C.

Price per measurement (data point): 40,- €


E. Gas chromatography (FID)

a) Method development

Price per method development: 400,- €


b) Analysis by standard or known methods.

Price per measurement: 40,-€


F. UV-VIS-Spectroscopy

Recording of UV-VIS-spectra.

Price per scan: 35,- €

Please request an offer for kinetic analysis.


G. Photon-Cross-Correlations-Spectroscopy (PCCS)

Please request an offer for analysis of (diluted) nanoparticle dispersions (particle size and stability of the dispersion).