The Company



IOLITEC was founded in the end of 2002 and is today the oldest and most experienced company in the field of ionic liquids. From the beginning on IOLITEC was able to successfully develop in the market. Today IOLITEC offers more than 325 ionic liquids, 180 nanomaterials and 50 key intermediates through its catalogs.

In recent years the relatively new technology of ionic liquids was awarded numerous prices such as the Leibniz-Preis for Prof. Dr. Peter Wasserscheid (2006) from Erlangen University or the „Profiles in Sustainability Award 2010" for IOLITEC. The more than 1200 statisfied customers that IOLITEC served worldwide indicate that ionic liquids are not a laboratory curiosity anymore.

The high technical competence of our highly qualified specialists allows us to rapidly identify the most suitable products that provide the highest performance in a given application in a scientific dialog with our customers. IOLITEC’s independency guarantees the highest degree of objectiveness in the selection of the ionic liquids.


In June 2009 IOLITEC incorporated its US distribution subsidiary in order to improve our services to customers in the USA, Canada and Mexico. The US headquarters are located at the AIME Bldg at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. The operative business at the subsidiary started in February 2010.

From the US entity a selected portfolio of currently 50 in-stock items is available to customers in the USA, Canada and Mexico. However, all products from IOLITEC's catalogue are available on request. In addition custom manufacturing of ionic liquids is offered. A catalogue of our ionic liquids portfolio with prices for all products in US-$ is available on request.

All products are available in quantities from lab over pilot plant to industrial scale.

If you need any assistance in finding the right ionic liquids for your application, please contact us. We would be glad to assist you!