Energy & Cleantech

Owing to the ever-growing demand for petroleum products and the concominant shortage of crude oil and other natural resources, the world's industrialised countries face serious problems with regard to securing their energy supplies for the future. This situation makes sustainability and an efficient use of the remaining fossil fuels, and whenever possible their supplementation with renewable power sources, more and more important. As a consequence, all strategies providing a solution to the world's energy problem will not only have a positive environmental impact but also strong economic significance. Technologies utilising natural resources in a sustainable way will undoubtedly earn the status of key technologies during the 21st century.

IoLiTec's Energy & Cleantech division is working towards ways of ensuring sustainability. Here, the company's interdisciplinary know-how is the key to developing novel applications based on the unique chemical and physical properties of ionic liquids (e.g. negligible vapour pressure, thermal stability, electric conductivity, electrochemical stability, high heat storage capacity), thus generating both technological and ecological advantages. With the applications already identified today, IoLiTec covers many modern aspects of the generation, transport and storage of energy.

The Energy & Cleantech division is thematically divided into two sections: (1) generation, transport and storage of heat or cold (thermodynamic applications); (2) generation, and storage of electrical energy as well as its utilisation for chemical processes (electrochemical applications). In addition, IoLiTec is currently expanding its activities to include biotechnological applications.

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