3 July 2024
Ionic Liquids in the „Jugend forscht“ competition

In this year's competition, the project "Luminous foils: Ionic liquids in gels - influence on thermostability?" was a

19 January 2024
IL-0348-N2222 BF4

A promising conducting salt for supercapacitors and also as electrolyte, in the form of acetonitrile solution, it offers a wide operational

13 December 2023
New IL available: IL-0347-Betain BTA
One of the best ILs in order to extract Rare Earth Metals (REE) from different residues (e.g. bauxite) and aqueous solutions.
16 November 2023
IOLITEC lowers prices for 12 ionic liquids

As we scale our industrially produced ionic liquids,

9 November 2023
1-Phenylimidazole now available at IOLITEC

IOLITEC has introduced 1-Phenylimidazole (N-Ph

1 November 2023
IOLITEC offers now potassium tetracyanoborate (K TCB)

IOLITEC has further increased its choice of weakly-coordinating anions (WCAs) and added the potassium tetracyan

4 October 2023
Nobel Price for Quantum Dots

The 2023 Nobel prize in chemistry goes to Moungi G.

21 July 2023
IOLITEC has increased its production capacity of N1444 TFSI (IL-0117) as an alternative to FC-4400
28 July 2022
Successful start to the AAcid research project

The AAcid research project, funded by the BMWK, deals

20 September 2021
CO2Oling the Earth Summer School

You're interested in sustainability with a focus on utilization of carbon dioxide and electrochemistry?

28 June 2021
New EU-Funded Projects @IOLITEC

15 June 2021
Is aluminum-ion technology on the verge of a breakthrough?


19 May 2021
IOLITEC announces partnership with RoCo Global

IOLITEC is proud to announce its new partnership with RoCo Global, an advanced

25 March 2021
IOLITEC’s CEO has been appointed as honorary professor at the TU Clausthal.

Since 2012 Thomas Schubert lectures “Synthesis and industrial applications of ionic liquids” at the Technical U

11 December 2020
Electrolytes, membranes and electrode materials for water splitting and for the use in PEM-fuel cells

13 November 2020
Actual announcements about COVID-19: IOLITEC is in full operation

As many European countries also Germany records increased numbers of infections with COVID-19  (November 2020).

12 November 2020
Ionic Liquids based on the FSI-Anion are available now!

Numerous ionic liquids are based on the FSI-anion (= bis(fluorosulfonyl)imid-anion).

20 March 2020
Hydrophilic ionic liquids for extraction of nucleic acids such as RNA and DNA

12 March 2019
Polymeric Ionic Liquid as Cathode Interlayer of Organic Photovoltaics

12 March 2019
N2225 BTA – the ideal ionic liquid?

12 March 2019
Ionic liquids in space technology

12 March 2019
Lignocellulosic biomass and ionic liquids: what can they do together?

12 March 2019
Selected custom synthesis products - now in stock!

26 November 2018
Chitin dissolution with Ionic Liquids wins Green Chemistry Challenge Award

25 April 2017
"IHK-Forschungstransferpreis” 2017
IOLITEC has won the “IHK-Forschungstransferpreis” 2017 in silver
28 February 2017
Woche der Umwelt 2016
IOLITEC ist einer von 190 Ausstellern, die aus über 600 Bewerbern ausgewählt wurden, und wird im Rahmen der diesjährigen Woche der Umwelt das Projekt "Neue High-Tech-Elektrolyte für Energiespeicher der nächsten Generation" vorstellen.
23 September 2016

APCIL-5 - 5th Asian-Pacific Conference on Ionic Liquids and Green Processes ( will be held in Hangzhou, China, October 26-29th, 2016.

2 February 2016
IOLITEC gewinnt den STEP-Award 2015 in der Kategorie „Markt/Kunde“.