Custom Synthesis

Today approximately 103 different Ionic Liquids are known from literature and about 1/3 thereof are commercially available. Compared to the number of 1018 different ionic Liquids, which is predicted by some experts in this field, these numbers seem relatively small. The quantity of theoretical possible Ionic Liquids presumably offers an enormous potential for various technical applications as well as for industrial and academic research.

One of IoLiTec’s core competences is the systematic development and synthesis of new, commercially not available Ionic Liquids for defined applications. For this reason we invite our customers to discuss their application with us in order to recommend the most suitable Ionic Liquid for this application. If no suitable Ionic Liquid is known from literature we will design and synthesise an appropiate Ionic Liquid on customers request. In terms of confidentiality we are always prepared to sign a NDA in advance.

In our well equipped laboratories at our new facilities in Heilbronn/Germany we are able to supply almost every patent-free Ionic Liquid that is known from the literature or that predictably can be synthesized in a scale from 50 g to 10 kg in a custom synthesis. All new substances will be analyzed by NMR-spectroscopy ( 1H, 13C) and will be shipped with a certificate of analysis which indicates among other data the ionchromatographic analysis. On request other spectroscopic data such as IR- or UV-spectra can be supplied.

On request we offer conception, design and custom-synthesis of “tailor-made” Ionic Liquids. Our best quotation including the delivery date will be made within 24 hours.

In case that you are interested in cGMP- and/or ISO 9001-certified synthesis we can carry out the production in cooperation with one of our partners.

If you are interested in a custom synthesis contact us:

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